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Become A Partner

There are a number of benefits that come along with being a featured tasting location of Foody Field Trips Los Angeles Food Tours.  But the following are just to highlight a few.

Optimized Use of Space, Money & Time

Host guests during non-peak hours and take advantage of the opportunity to generate additional revenue and attract extra customers during idle times during the day.

Consistent Revenue Stream & Increased Profits Opportunity

Have the opportunity to further increase profits by upselling additional samples, signature dishes and products to our customers.

Gain New Customers & Tap Into the Foodie Community

With Foody Field Trips, acquiring costumers won’t cost our partners a dime.  In fact, they will actually be making a profit while growing consumer interest.
With the majority of food tour guests being locals from the Los Angeles area, our partners will gain repeat customers due to the intimate and positive experience that the customers will have at each tasting location.

Our clientele are extremely valuable influencers as they tend to be foodies and food enthusiasts who share their likes, experiences and discoveries with their friends, family, colleagues and social network, via the latest social media technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Yelp and Foursquare.  These individuals are ambassadors of our partner establishments and significantly increase business for those that they favor through word of mouth advertising, one of the most credible and effective forms of marketing.

Pioneer the Nouveau Foodie Movement in Los Angeles

Local food tours are the next consumer trend in nouveau food culture. Consumer interest in food has evolved from eating just to survive, to watching programs about food as entertainment, to writing about food as a form of expression, to waiting in line for hours to partake in food truck fare.  Now, the next evolution of consumer food trends are food tours. It is a means of social and cultural entertainment and epicurean satisfaction. This nouveau foodie movement has already taken off in major cities across Asia, Europe and the United States. Be one of the first restaurants in Los Angeles to pioneer and benefit from the nouveau foodie movement that is growing right here in our neighborhood.

Educate & Build a Lasting Relationship with Customers

Eating is no longer just a necessity; it’s a gastronomical and cultural experience. Our guests are not simply interested in eating good food. They are actually extremely fascinated in the entire food culture which includes learning about the people, traditions and stories behind the delectable culinary eats. Our partners will have access to the sustained attention of consumers who are greatly interested and actively engaged. Developing these neighborly one-on-one relationships encourages customers to relate to the establishments on a more personal level.

Free Advertising, Distribution & Increased Brand Awareness

Our partners will be featured on our website and in several other marketing efforts including, but not limited to: online marketing, social media, and residual media mentions such as blogs, print, Facebook, Twitter and Yelp. Any additional marketing collateral from our partners can also be included in the Foody Field Trips gift bag that will be distributed to each guest.

How to Become a Part of the Foody Field Trips Family

Simply contact us at 818.863.6639 or at info@foodyfieldtrips.com expressing your interest in becoming a Foody Field Trips featured tasting location and we will be more than happy to speak with you to facilitate with next steps. Thank you and we are looking forward to including you on one of our Foody Field Trips Los Angeles Food Tours!

“Best Los Angeles food tour EVER! I took my gf to this as her surprise birthday gift and she was so happy. I liked all the places the organizers picked. They were very diverse, and the all the food was great.”

- TK A., 10/18/2010


“I loved this Foody Field Trip! The tour guides were fun and knowledgeable and made this trip very entertaining. We loved all the food we sampled. I would definitely do another food tour!”

- Leslie 11/15/2010