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A Little Bit of Venice in Venice Beach: Piccolo

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Having studied abroad in Italy during an era that only existed in, what feels like a Diane Lane movie, I came back to the States on the eternal pursuit to find, not just delicious Italian food but authentic Italian food. The kind that is so incomprehensibly magnifico that at first whiff, it takes you back to the simple, romantic, it’ [...]

The New Melrose Place: Hatfield’s Restaurant

Open aired and glamorously understated, Hatfield’s Restaurant manages to be posh and elegant without the uncomfortable, over-the-top pretentiousness that often time accompanies cuisine of its caliber. With an open kitchen and a functional art display of a modern industrial honeycomb light installation serving as dual focal points, Hatfield’s perfectly orchestrated ecosystem of chefs, servers, dishes, cocktails and art [...]

Meet the Tour Guide: Chris Lee

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Always has been, still is, and will continue to be Rainbow Sherbert. If I’m in the UCLA area though (go Bruins!), white chocolate chip cookies with strawberry cheesecake ice cream. What’s your favorite thing to eat in the whole wide world? Seriously the only food item I ever [...]

Meet the Tour Guide: Jennifer Chong

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? I have to choose two:  salted caramel and balsalmic strawberry from Molly Moon’s handmade ice cream in Capitol Hill , Seattle.  Hands down THE BEST ice cream to touch my taste buds.  EVER.  (It’s a bold statement, I know)What’s your favorite thing to eat in the [...]

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“I loved this Foody Field Trip! The tour guides were fun and knowledgeable and made this trip very entertaining. We loved all the food we sampled. I would definitely do another food tour!”

- Leslie 11/15/2010


“Mei and Ricky are a great team. Both of them are very knowledgeable of the area and are very friendly and easy to talk to. I had a blast! If you’re looking for an unpretentious, relaxing food tour this food tour is for you!”

- Nicole M., 11/5/2010