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About Team

Hi! My name is Mei!…And my name is Ricky! We’re best friends from high school and our passion for food, fun, people, adventure, travel and most of all, our affinity to share our yummy everyday discoveries inspired us to create our dream job and business, Foody Field Trips, a Los Angeles food tour company.

We met during our freshman year of high school in computer class and we’ve been inseparable ever since.  (Mei couldn’t get away from her inner geek and still frolics with computers and online marketing having worked at Yahoo and Facebook. Ricky went big time with his career and has accomplished great things in the world of politics.)  So after fourteen years of friendship, college, intercontinental moves (San Diego, San Francisco, Italy & France), relationships and corporate careers, here we are, still living in our hometown of LA and keeping the friendship and the dream alive: to do what we love and share it with those we cherish.  So come join us on a food and fun filled tasting tour and culinary adventure. You’re going to eat out anyways. You might as well have fun doing it! Here’s to being a foodie for life!

Bon Appetit!

Head Foodies

About Mei

I love food. I love travel. I love people. I love cultures. I’ve been in the the corporate jungle for years, having worked at Yahoo and Facebook but in spite of all the glamor, money and success, I always knew I wanted something more. I wanted to do something that was my own; something that was meaningful to me and that I could share with those around me…And then just like that; one day it all just sort of…clicked! I don’t know how to explain it aside from being inspired from the inside out.

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About Ricky

Mei and I started our Los Angeles food tour company, Foody Field Trips, out of our passion for eating and obsession for anything and everything that is FOOD!  We always enjoyed dining out and finding new and unique places to please our palate.  When we came up with the idea that could potentially satisfy our desire to eat while providing us with the opportunity to explore new neighborhood dining establishments, it only made sense for us to share the experience with food enthusiasts everywhere.

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Our Team


About Kareem

What inspires you?
The desire to want to provide a better life for my daughter and give her the best life possible.
What’s your favorite food memory as a kid? Going to New Orleans with my dad and enjoying food from their culture.

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About Jennifer

What would your last meal be?
I like comfort food and love me some homemade Chinese food.  My last meal would have to to be any of my mom’s freshly made soups and Lo Mai Fan - a glutinous rice dish typically made with chinese sausage, chinese mushrooms, dried shrimp and sometimes wrapped in lotus leaves.

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About Anthony

What would your last meal be?
Coffee and Donuts. I like to keep it simple and casual. Sometimes the best things in life are simple. If I am on my last mile, I would want a simple glazed and sugar donut to dunk with my coffee. I am a major dunker there is no pleasure greater in life than a perfectly dunked donut…

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About Chris

What inspired you to join the Foody Field Trips family?
My buddy Anthony, who gives the Old Town Pasadena tours, told me about this cool new food tour where they not only provide a diverse range of foods to try but a lot of it as well. After meeting the founders Ricky and Mei and seeing how cool they were, I was sold.

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“Mei and Ricky are a great team. Both of them are very knowledgeable of the area and are very friendly and easy to talk to. I had a blast! If you’re looking for an unpretentious, relaxing food tour this food tour is for you!”

- Nicole M., 11/5/2010


“Best Los Angeles food tour EVER! I took my gf to this as her surprise birthday gift and she was so happy. I liked all the places the organizers picked. They were very diverse, and the all the food was great.”

- TK A., 10/18/2010